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Business Banking

Office eTeller

It's like having your very own teller in your office!

Online banking is a huge time saver and a great tool for today's businesses. But you still have to go to the bank to make check deposits during the day, right? Not so. With Office eTeller, also referred to as Remote Deposit Capture, you can deposit checks from your office without leaving.

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Office eTeller Features

Office eTeller really is an amazing tool. Allowing you to save time, be more efficient and collect your receivables faster. Here are a list of such features.

  • Make check deposits anytime - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Save time preparing deposits: Your checks are scanned and our software automatically totals the deposit for you
  • Less trips to the bank: Electronic deposits can reduce your trips to the bank, which saves you time and lost productivity
  • Reduce the risk of returned checks and check fraud: Faster check clearing allows you to act sooner on returned checks
  • High level of security: Multifactor password authentication and 128-bit encryption protect your deposit

Office eTeller Scanning Equipment
  Office eTeller Small   Office eTeller Large  
  The single check scanner does well for most sized businesses. It scans both the front and back of your checks, one check at a time.   The batch scanner is ideal for businesses with a large amount of checks on a regular basis. Checks are pre-loaded, then scanned.  

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